Monday, August 07, 2006

Beginning and End

Here are photos of me in the car ready to go on vacation!
At first, I was complaining that I was feeling sick in the car, but when Jen told me to stop jumping up and down, I felt better while we were moving.

The second photo is of me getting in the car to go home. It was a long week, and I wasn't really feeling up to having my photo taken, but I needed the documentation for the blog.

A new friend

Penny wasn't allowed to go on vacation with us. I'm not sure why, but she didn't get to come along. But, when we reached the cottage, I met a new friend! A lobster named Pierre was there to greet us. Pierre and I had a good time hanging out together. He was really good at pouring wine and making s'mores. He came in handy during the times I had to stay in the cottage alone. It's nice to have someone to fetch things from the kitchen. It can be tiring to keep getting up for ice.

Adventures in Acadia

I wish I had adventures in Acadia National Park, but I didn't get the chance. These pictures of some of the places I wasn't allowed to go. Apparently having tentacles doesn't qualify as "wearing proper footwear." I tried to explain that I have a much better grip than sneakers, and having 8 tentacles means that I can hold onto more rocks. Plus, with a 28.5" tentacle span, I'd be able to reach to the next rock easily!

But, of course, they left me at the cottage, and I missed the spectacular view.

I'm back!

What a vacation! Here I am in the adirondack chair on the deck. The sea air was very nice. But, I do have to complain that I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Jen & Brian were always going places and leaving me behind... I heard them say something about not wanting people to look at them funny. If people were staring at them it would only be because I was so handsome!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

on vacation

Check back next week to see some pictures from my vacation to Maine!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Look at this!

Hey ladies, and other fans, check out the texture on the bottom of my tentacles!

Surprise Party

So, I spent ALL day planning a surprise birthday party for Jen. I'd say it was pretty kick-ass. She gave me lots of hugs and kisses, so it was a success. Here are some photos of the event. You can see that I have to painstakingly stack heavy books in order to sit at the table. Brian and Jen still haven't filled my request for a booster seat. I know, it's a little demeaning to sit in a booster seat, but books are a little worse.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Post #2

I'm starting my plans for world domination by placing myself onto your computer! Download this wallpaper and use it on your desktop. I will be in your thoughts every day. Today's favorite food is Lamb Korma. I had it for lunch.

Friday, June 30, 2006

My first post

hee hee... I snuck onto a computer and got myself a blog! Not sure what to say, now that I've got a blog. I guess you'll have to wait for post #2.